Timothy Michael Martin

Artist Statement

I dismantled toys as a child, reconfiguring the pieces or combining them with other toys. My background in construction work, specifically the trade of plumbing, heightened my interest in diagrams and maps. I have been around blueprints and skeletal architecture from a very young age. My curiosity about the internal, skeletal structure of things and how they operate exist to this day.

My paintings and installations meld geometric abstraction with personal representation. The result is an idiosyncratic hybrid that evokes animation, imaginary scientific propositions, blueprints, maps, and advancing technologies. The work combines these interests with the prosaic interactions of my daily experience. Isolated events provide found compositions which I then manipulate: a seemingly mundane bike ride gets mapped into a well-ordered schematic of social interaction.

The palette of optically vibrant hues animates the elements of each painting. Provoking sight at the initial stage of preception in order to captivate the viewer. My paintings are based on general principles or theories combined with specific instances creating broken narratives that complete in a myriad of ways. The abundance of color activates my invented systems and simultaneously undermines our perception of complex technologies as dry and esoteric. Line, shape, surface, color, shifts in scale, and disjunctive perspectives emerge as a symbolic language that conveys the complexity of human experience.


(c) 2005